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This curriculum offers lesson plans, complete with variation and extension activities, teacher notes, additional resources, and handouts, that focus on safety and health issues that may arise in the workplace. The lessons utilize authentic materials (e.g., OSHA forms) and base the discussions in students’ lived experiences. The curriculum does not focus on literacy, per se. Adult Learning Principles for Safety Training. Your employees bring a lifetime of experiences to every training session. Sometimes they’ll know more than you do about specific hazards and safety.

A Health Literacy Curriculum for ESOL learners (Beginner Level) This is the curriculum of the Queens Library Adult Learner Program. It is used as a standalone class at the library, but designed so that you can pick individual lessons appropriate to your class, or follow the full curriculum. Clear health communication is increasingly recognized as essential for promoting patient safety. Yet according to a recent Joint Commission report, What Did the Doctor Say? Improving Health Literacy to Protect Patient Safety, communication problems among health care providers, patients, and families are common and a leading root cause of adverse outcomes.

Mar 05, 2008 · Health Literacy Summit Regional Resource Center IIAtlanta, is convening adult literacy and health professionals to share information about the research on health literacy and resources for implementing health literacy Communication, & Patient Safety Toni Cordell, adult learner and panel member of the Joint Commission 10:00 a.m. - 10:15. Literacy Coalition of Central Texas: Health Literacy Forward Per Peter Morrison, the coalition’s Director of Health Literacy, “ Health Literacy Forward: Empowering Your Learners as Healthcare Consumers is a 166-page guide developed by The Literacy Coalition of Central Texas to support educators who wish to infuse health literacy and.