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The Houston Center for Literacy has discontinued its operations. However, access to adult literacy support services is still available via the following organizations and websites: Thanks to the United Way of Greater Houston, you can now find the closest literacy center to you by calling the 2-1-1 Texas/United Way HELPLINE. Literacy Advance joined Memorial Assistance Ministries’ network of programs and services in late 2018, expanding geographic reach and enhancing programmatic offerings to adult learners. Since 1964, Literacy Advance has provided free English and reading classes to adults in Houston.

Literacy Advance of Houston. This center offers ABE and ESL courses for free. They also offer a variety of special classes for registered students that include: conversation courses, computer skills, . Adult education and literacy programs funded by the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) provide English language, math, reading, and writing instruction to help students acquire the skills needed to succeed in the workforce, earn a high school equivalency, or enter college or career training.

The Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy & Learning’s Professional Development Center is available to employees or volunteers of AEL service providers,members of the Texas Workforce Solutions and other organizations providing Adult Education and Literacy services. Online professional development can be accessed through the PD Portal. As part of its Adult Education and Literacy contract with the Gulf Coast Workforce Development Board, Houston Community College is required to offer workplace literacy, workforce literacy and other career pathway programs for adult learners. Workplace Literacy (WPL) programs are generally offered at an employer’s worksite, exclusively for a.