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Adult Low-Level Literacy Curriculum Modules Use the new curriculum modules with your low-level literacy learners, including those with intellectual disabilities, in programs for Adult Basic Education, Special Education and Rehabilitation, and Workforce Learning! The adult literacy and numeracy core curriculum shares the basic principles of inclusivity. and access that are laid down in the National Curriculum for schools: Education is... a route to equality of opportunity for all, a healthy and just. democracy, a productive economy, and sustainable development.

Curriculum Units Created with ECHO Minnesota. The Minnesota Literacy Council created these curricula in partnership with ECHO (Emergency, Community, Health, and Outreach). The goal of these curricula is for learners to become familiar with the resources and responsbiliites related to these important health and life skills topics. We invite you to adapt them for your own classrooms. What is adult literacy? Why start an adult literacy program? How do you plan an adult literacy program? In 1984, the issue of adult literacy was highlighted in Illiterate America, a best-selling book by Jonathan Kozol. The book pointed out that most estimates placed at 20 to 25 the percentage of Americans reading and writing below the level needed to function in the society.

Find a ProLiteracy Member. Together we work to increase literacy rates for the 36 million adults in the United States that struggle to read. Our goal is to break the cycle of poverty and increase quality of life for adult learners by increasing the quantity and quality of services provided. Contact Essential Education Our educators and support staff are ready to help you with any questions you have about the Essential Education Accelerated Learning Program and how it can fit into your adult education curriculum. Follow Us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.