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Were you spanked, and how? Do you feel an adult (over 18) couple should be married before or if they have children? What advice would you give to a girl who is legally an adult, pregnant, and knows her parents will beat her when she tells them? How can I get my mom to accept that I'm an adult? Why are my parents suffocating their adult daughter? A lot of spanking polls are being taken by adults who are still being spanked by their parents. I am very puzzled by this and want to hear from moms and dads who still .

Real life adult daughters still spanked Bridal spankings And to Continue Spanked for real life Naughty niece spanked as an adult Vintage Sunday More Spanking and Corner Time A mother's comeuppance and the spanking stepfather Marital spankings Angela's story: . Aug 13, 2012 · I vaguely remember having a very strong discussion with my parents after that, informing them that there were to be no more spankings after that one- I was now an adult, and they would have to come up with a different method of punishment. Spanking into the adult years is extremely common in these religious circles.Author: Sarah.

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