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The movie fund, and other ambitious independent studios and movue funds are comfortable and taking advantage of the digital revolution and producing smaller budget films, which have the potential to yield huge returns. Further reading: For a look at the effect of the recession on hedge fund fanancing read this story on stockmasters.com 5.Author: Www.Facebook.Com/Themoviefund. Hedge Fund Films. Attract More Investment. Get an edge with our Emmy Award-winning team. Learn More.

Investing in films is, to a hedge fund investor, an equity investment. As with any financial investment, there is a risk but hedge fund managers seem to have found a way of reducing those risks, thereby making investment into the film industry a viable and often profitable investment.Author: Www.Facebook.Com/Themoviefund. Collaborate in the Production of your Films with Hedge Fund Entrepreneurs that understand your creative passions; Read More. Quicker money commitments equate to tighter deals. Philosophically, we’re open and willing to commit capital to films quicker than most. However, in doing so we require greater transparency and much tighter deal.

Sep 14, 2014 · Hedge-fund and financial industry execs are investing in independent films to snag producer credits and to go on set and meet the stars. Media Society, an LA-based company launched in Author: Julie Earle-Levine. Films are similar to any project financing. They are capital intensive and then have a stream of cash flows for a number of years. Unlike an energy or infrastructure financing, there’s more volatility of the anticipated cash flow. Where applicab.