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Lists about: Best Young Adult Books, Best Strong Female Fantasy Novels, Most Exciting Upcoming YA Books, Best Teen Books About Real Problems, Best Youn. We’re living in a golden age of young-adult literature, when books ostensibly written for teens are equally adored by readers of every generation. In the likes of Harry Potter and Katniss Everdeen, they’ve produced characters and conceits that have become the currency of our pop-culture.

Young adult fiction (YA) is a category of fiction written for readers from 12 to 18 years of age. While the genre is targeted to teenagers, approximately half of YA readers are adults. The subject matter and genres of YA correlate with the age and experience of the protagonist. Similarities or differences with adult fiction. Genres for young fiction, and in particular YA fiction (young adult, also known as youth or juvenile fiction), span most of those covered by adult fiction. What distinguishes them from adult fiction is that the main characters are usually children or .

Sep 09, 2018 · Young Adult Genre – What’s the best definition for the young adult book genre?The young adult genre is made up of books with a variety of themes and plots that appeal to a young reading audience that spans from teens to new adult (12-18 (sometimes considered teen fiction) or 5/5. YOUNG. ADULTS’ CHOICES. 2017 Reading List. 2. What Is the Young Adults’ Choices List? T. he Young Adults’ Choices project began in 1986, funded by a special grant given young adult literature is certainly not something new, but it is true that it’s more popular than ever. And we believe it’s safe to say the books included on.