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Jul 10, 2005 · Most microscopes you can buy at Toy R Us are 10x eyepiece with 4x, 10x, and 40x lenses. You should be able to make out that sperm is present with 100x (10x X 10x), and should be able to see individual sperm at 400x. A transmission electron microscope can reach magnifications of up to 500,000 times that of a human eye and a thousand times the magnification of a compound microscope.

Sperm cell under the microscope makes this clear. Sperm cells swim around 0.2 meters for every hour, or around 8 inches. That is a great deal speedier than it sounds, considering how small they are. Dec 04, 2011 · I have been using a relatively cheap microscope (My first Lab Microscope) to look at a sample of my semen. Under 40x magnification I see a lot of motionless sperm and generally not enough sperm floating about compared to what I see from other microscope videos of sperm floating (no pun) on the internet.

Aug 20, 2013 · Look one can see sperm under 40X magnification itself. But it needs to be done right with a good microscope. Cheap ones give only cheap results inspite of claims of magnification. I suggest you find a phase contrast microscope with 10X and 20X objectives (total mag is 100X and 200X, respectively). 200X might be too much magnification.Followers: 1.