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Jan 16, 2018 · Two men who ordered programs for their September wedding from a popular printing company but instead received a boxful of anti-gay pamphlets warning, “Satan entices your Author: Senior Editor. Case in point, instead of laughing at the ironic mistake, a Pennsylvania gay couple is suing the printing company that accidentally sent them religious pamphlets instead of the wedding programs.

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Literature published by A.A. World Services, Inc. is a resource for the recovering alcoholic and for anyone who wants to find out about Alcoholics Anonymous, its history and how it works. For those of us who identify as lesbian, gay, bisex-ual, transgender, queer or questioning (LGBTQ), A.A. extends a helping hand, an open heart, and a life-saving and life-affirming program of recovery. From the time A.A. was founded, with one alco-holic helping another in Akron, Ohio, on June 10, 1935, the hope of the Fellowship has always been.