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Jul 31, 2016 · Melania Trump posed nude in a photo spread for a French adult magazine in 1995, and now, more than two decades later, the revealing shots have resurfaced in Author: Nicholas Hautman. Jun 25, 2007 · Sanjaya Sister Shyamali Malakar Latest Nude Playboy Playmate: Months after their fifteen minutes of fame ended Sanjaya and Shyamali Malakar are back in the news Shyamali has agreed to pose nude in Playboy magazine while brother Sanjaya has agreed to do her hair for the shoot Both rocketed to fame due to3.1/5(69).

Sanjaya's sister poses nude, gets popular Shyamali, who's looking for a career in singing and acting, says she wants to use music and films to spread a positive image. Jun 21, 2007 · Sanjaya's sister poses nude, gets popular. Shyamali Malakar. Sanjaya is not the only Malakar making news.. His sister, Shyamali, too, has come under the spotlight. But not for her singing. Pictures of her wearing nothing but a smile behind a guitar has made the part-time waitress from near Seattle a hot item in the Internet.

May 04, 2007 · Sanjaya Malakar Poses with Pot-Smoking Mom, Valerie Bertinelli and we're not even referring to the one of Shyamali Malakar nude playing a guitar.Author: Mischalova. Former American Idol contestant Sanjaya Malakar has been making the rounds to hawk his new book, "Dancing to the Music in My Head." While the little waif's 15 minutes of fame is long over, that's no reason to ignore the shirtless photo of Sanjaya that happened to surface at the same time he needs to sell some books. He's also been using the opportunity to tell us how straight he is.